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A red suede wallet with bright yellow contrast stitching, lying flat on a gray textured surface

Simple card leather wallet with round edges


Breeze Leather Angled Card Holder: Effortlessly Chic and Functional

"Streamlined Design for the Modern Minimalist with Breeze Leather's Card Holder"

Meet the Breeze Leather Angled Card Holder, where functionality meets finesse in a compact, streamlined design. Ideal for the minimalist who delights in the essentials, this card holder embodies the perfect balance of practicality and contemporary style.


Crafted for Quality and Durability

Expertly fashioned from top-tier leather, the card holder boasts a rich brown color that is both classic and versatile. The careful stitching around the edges not only enhances the durability but also adds a handcrafted appeal. As it ages, the leather will evolve, telling the story of your personal journey with a developing patina that is uniquely yours.


Innovative Angled Slot Design

This holder's signature feature is its innovative angled slot, allowing for swift and easy access to your cards. This thoughtful design means you can slide out your selected card without fumbling, making transactions smoother and quicker.


A Statement of Elegance

More than just a card holder, this piece is a statement of elegance that slides effortlessly into your pocket or bag. Its slim silhouette ensures it won't bulk up your pockets, while the quality of the leather provides a touch of luxury every time you reach for it.

Embrace the Breeze Leather Angled Card Holder as your daily companion, and step out with confidence knowing your cards are kept in a holder that's as stylish as it is practical.

Leather Card Wallet with round edges