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A hand-made tan leather bookmark with "Breeze*" embossed on it, resting on an open book with Asian script, adorned with a bro

A Luxury bookmark with a cross made of gemstones!


In Breeze leather, we use premium vegetable leather, which is more durable and luxurious the more you use it.


The most significant feature and charm of vegetable leather are that it absorbs the user's sweat or oil and gradually adds a more deep patina (high color). It ages (tanned) differently depending on the user's habits and environment and begins to be naturally tamed to suit the user.

Buttero is the world's finest 100% vegetable-tanned leather produced by the Verapelle Tenery Association in Italy.


Designer Kelly J makes the products from start to finish by hand with sincerity and sensibility.

Cross (Bookmark)

  • Model : Cross (Bookmark)

    Color: Red, Black, Light Brown, Brown, Deep green, Deep blue

    Material : Leather - Buttero Italy

    Size : W-2.3cm, H-6.5cm

    Thread - Binimo MBT Japan

    Method : Hand cutting and hand stitched

    Price is for one unit