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A handmade tan leather bracelet with decorative stitching, a silver buckle, and charm, displayed on a dark grey background.

Introducing our Beautiful Handmade Leather Bracelet for Women and Men, crafted with love by Breeze Leather!


In Breeze Leather, we use premium vegetable-tanned leather, which becomes more durable and luxurious the more you use it.


The most significant feature and charm of vegetable-tanned leather is that it absorbs the user's sweat or oil, gradually developing a deeper patina and richer color. It ages differently depending on the user's habits and environment, and naturally molds to the user's preferences.

Maremma is the finest 100% vegetable-tanned leather in the world, produced by the Verapelle Tannery Association in Italy.


Designer Kelly J makes the products from start to finish by hand with sincerity and sensibility.


  • Model : Bracelet

    Color: Black, Brown, Light Brown, Red

    Size : W-10.5cm, H-6cm

    Material : Leather - Maremma by Conceria Puccini Attilio Italy

    Thread - Binimo MBT Japan

    Method : Hand cutting, Hand stitched

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(no additional fee or tax)

Breeze-Leather craft shop provides customers with the highest quality products handcrafted by designer Kelly J using the finest Italian leather. You can engrave your own initial letters; otherwise, the Breeze logo will be engraved. Please write “None” in the engraving option if you want to omit the engraving.

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