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Breeze leather Craft is the highest quality handmade leathercraft shop located in Vancouver

All products are hand-made by Kelly J

Finest Handmade Leathercraft in Vancouver
Our Commitment to Quality and Design

Breeze leather is a handicraft company that uses high-quality leather to make handmade leather products using the traditional hand-stitching technique. Through the delicate and sophisticated handwork of designer Kelly J, one-of-a-kind products are being produced. We do not use a machine but only hand-stitched, so all products are carefully stitched and durable. Breeze leather is working with the organizational philosophy that quality is the top priority, and the organization can sustain itself only with trust with customers.


We will lead in creating customer value with good design and the best quality.

Breeze leather is always looking for a new design. We welcome your suggestions and can produce customized artwork just for you.

Breeze leather seeks freedom. We produce works with novelty and creative ideas, not just following the stereotyped design.

Breeze leather evolves with customers. We look forward to communicating with customers and creating value.

We wish all customers who use our products full of blessings.

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